"Thumbs up to you for visiting this page, you cool person." (Wadi Araba, Jordan; Mar 2014)

Abu Halen enjoys, but is not particularly adept at, both photography and writing. His popular blog, creatively titled Abu Halen, attracted several dozen page views during its 9 year run on the Blogspot platform. All 361 banal posts can be accessed via the "Old Blog Posts" link at the top of this webpage. This slightly newer website iteration serves as a more serviceable platform for Abu Halen's photographic interests, in addition to his frequently inane dabbling in the written word. Feel free to browse both blog posts and photo galleries -- you are sure to be whelmed (whether over- or under- I cannot say). 

Abu Halen is an average person of average weight and height, average intelligence, above average nose size, and below average skill with woodwinds. Along with his long-suffering and lovely wife and his four boisterous children, he has lived for several years in the Middle East, Latin America, and India. He is a United States diplomat but prefers to keep his internet space as free from work as possible and to fill it instead with pictures and stories of all that is pretty and quotidian and amusing. That said, wisdom dictates that Abu Halen remind readers that his comments, opinions, and viewpoints do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. Government, or any other government, or most Lion's Clubs, for that matter, probably.