Contributing to Global Warming -- One Breath at a Time

Today was my first day back at work after taking several days off for Christmas and heavy chocolate consumption. I worked here in Reston doing website management and thoroughly enjoyed walking to work in the brisk pre-dawn air. It makes me feel like a true Oregonian, saving gas and cutting down on carbon-dioxide emissions. On the flip side though, I was breathing in cold air, which means there’s now less cold air in the atmosphere, which means I still contributed to global warming by walking to work.

In between assignments at work I chatted with my friend Chris, who attends Harvard. Chris and I have a funny relationship. We haven’t seen each other in nearly two years, nor have we verbally communicated with each other in the same stretch of time. Yet I “talk” to Chris, via instant messenger, more than any other friend I have besides Shannon. Ah, the wonders of the internet. What’s great about instant messenger is that, when you’re bored of the other person, you can make up a story about how it’s time for dinner or a storm just blew a two-by-four through your window and you have to clean up the mess. Not that I ever do that to Chris – his snarky diatribes about sundry issues are just too fascinating to cut short.