Winter Warmth and Nummies

The mercury will top 70 degrees today here in Washington D.C. After returning from a brisk jog, Shannon instant messaged me to exult that the weather is "amazing". I wouldn't know because I am "stuck inside" beneath "fluorescent lighting" while "at work" on a "Saturday". What's worse is that our little desk TVs we each have to monitor the news during our shifts doesn't get ESPN so I can't even console myself by watching the NFL playoffs. I can, however, watch reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos with Chinese subtitles on a Hong Kong television channel. You've just got to look at the upside.

Last night we stopped by the Amphora Bakery. It's an upper-crust establishment with wireless internet connectivity, exquisitely sculpted pastries, and large windows through which patrons can watch white-frocked employees perform their sugary craft of frosted delicacy creation. We normally don't go for such frivolities, but we had a gift certificate and we knew how to use it.

Savannah chose an elaborate cupcake with a tiny ballerina figurine tip-toeing atop the icing. Shannon selected a few items that looked like they contained a reasonable amount of fiber, which would presumably make her feel better about eating what can only be termed "junk food". I went for the thing behind the glass that looked like it had the most chocolate slathered on it. Halen was uninterested in the consumables. He quietly rifled through a customer's purse while she lounged on the bakery's cushy chairs, absorbed in her laptop. Don't worry though – she thought he was cute, so she won't press charges.

The sweets have already caused dissention in our home; Shannon phoned me at work this morning to accuse me of taking all the pastries to work with me in my lunch. That may be true. It was an accident though. They were in a Tupperware container and looked like hamburgers. I like hamburgers. So I took them. Out of respect for my wife's fiber intake, though, I agreed to return her cupcakes uneaten in exchange for a cessation of all playful hostilities.