Savannah's Friends

Savannah renewed and solidified her relationships with cousins, grandparents, and aunts/uncles during our trip to Idaho.

This is Savannah and Jessa. Savannah will mimic anything Jessa does. The tried-and-true parental cliche "If so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you?" wouldn't work if I inserted Jessa's name and directed the query at little Sue. Her answer would be an unhesitating "Of course," accompanied by a quizzical scrunch of the eyebrows, as if to say "Yeah. Duh. What a dumb question."

On the airplane ride home from Idaho, Savannah said, "Daddy, I have a sister." "Really?" I replied. It's news to me, after all. Perhaps I should nose around more frequently in Shannon's personal life. "Yes," Savannah sighed. "Jessa's my sister."

"Actually she's your cousin," I corrected. "No," Savannah signed dreamily again. "She's my sister." I stopped trying to push the issue. In this photo, Jessa is thinking: "Savannah has been following me around for six solid hours. Save me. Please." Savannah is thinking: "If I could just possess Jessa's soul, then I could BE Jessa and my life's purpose would be fulfilled."

This is Grandpa Murdock coaxing precious 4-year old laughter out of Savannah. It's easy for Grandpa. He's a natural. The punchline that drew out this particular chuckle went something like "So, are you hungry Savannah?"

Here, Savannah is playing a game called Ele-Fun. They pay people to sit around and come up with bad puns like that and slap them on kids' games. Jessa, Kodi, and Maddie round out the participants.