9-5ing It

I'm back in the office this week... 9-5ing it. Actually, I'm 6:30-2:30ing it, but that's a pretty clunky colloquialism, so I'll stick with 9-5ing it.

My colleagues can't figure out what possesses me to arrive at work so early. I explain the virtues of living close to work: I wake up after they do, but still arrive at the office 1-1.5 hours before them, because I walk and therefore don't spend 45 minutes or more parked on an oil-stained slab of concrete, sipping exhaust fumes and overpriced Starbucks coffee that stains my teeth and damages my stomach-lining. I prefer to stain my teeth and damage my stomach-lining with Coke, thank you very much.

I spent the week catching up on Middle East news I've been neglecting for the past nine months while I worked in a non-Middle East-specific position. I missed quite a bit while I was gone. Apparently, Michael Jackson moved to Bahrain. Despite his distinct and snappy style, however, Jackson isn't even close to being the snazziest dresser in the region. Mu'ammar Qaddhafi, president of Libya, has no equal, no peer. He is nigh untouchable in the realm of wicked fashion sense.