Standing in Water

Yesterday we went "swimming" at the Reston Community Center's 85 degree indoor pool. But for the sake of accuracy, I propose we tell it like it is and stop calling it "swimming". It's been a long time since I actually went "swimming". I think we should call it "standing in water".

We had a great time standing in water. Savannah heaved herself from a sitting position on the pool's edge into Shannon's arms several times -- a major feat for her (Savannah, that is, not Shannon). She also bravely conceded to not clinging tightly to Shannon's shoulder for one- or two-minute increments. She even kicked her feet a few times.

Halen, having an entirely different disposition than Savannah, was another story. If no one were around to catch him, he'd walk blindly off the patio and into the pool. He kicked and splashed. He stuck his face in the water, choked, sputtered, and had a good laugh about it. He was tuckered out after an hour or so of playing in daddy's arms (there's no kiddie pool) while daddy stood in water.