Mom Distracts Savannah For a Full 10 Days

My mom flew out for a visit last month. She spent most of her time alternating between playing Barbies with Savannah and playing horsies with Savannah. I felt her pain, but not too much; I was too busy enjoying not having to play horsies with Savannah.

Don't get me wrong -- I like playing with my kids... for like three minutes. After that, making horsies talk to one another bores me to tears. I'd be a lousy stay-at-home dad. I can admit it. And that makes me a big man. Which is why I'm cutting down on my helping-sizes at meals.

Here's a picture I took while Mom and I toured some of the sights in D.C. Whenever I take pictures of an object with the sun in the background, it makes me feel like an artist. Then I show it to Shannon and she says something like, "Did you forget to use the flash?" or "I can't really tell what this is," or "Why did you take a picture of the sun?" I explain I was exercising artistic license. She mutters something about being grateful for digital cameras so I don't waste film on such dang fool photos.