Appeasing My Chi

I bought myself a new ride last week. It's small and sleek, but it accelerates like a humpback whale -- which is to say, not very fast. I thought I should clarify that, since I don't really know how well humpback whales accelerate. I was just grasping for a metaphor.

The car's a Lancia. I'd never heard of the make before, but it turns out it's Italian, and Italy made other neat stuff like pizza, Vesuvius, and the mafia, so I figured the car can't be that bad.

The whole one-car situation was becoming untenable, what with Savannah needing a ride to pre-school a couple times a week, me needing to get to work each day, my time-intensive calling at church, Shannon's time-intensive calling at church, shopping needs, etc. Juggling such a complex schedule with one car was untroubling to Shannon, who maintains a perfectly placid and balanced chi at all times and in all conditions. My chi, on the other hand, usually wants to punch something. So, to keep me from getting in fights with neighborhood third-graders (probably the only age group I'd have a chance against in a brawl), I thought I should give my chi some stress relief. Good chi. Roll over.