Flippin' Swears

It's been almost a week since we actually did something cool, but this is my first chance to bore you with stories of our family exploits. I'll even throw in some banter about the weather for a little extra bore-effect.

I attended a portion of our district's Young Single Adult conference last weekend. I went as a priesthood supervisor -- you know, to make sure the YSAs slept in their own tents and didn't make swears, like "flippin'".

Good times were had. But I slept poorly. One of my tent-mates snored like a jackhammer, and whenever he paused to exhale the high-pitched buzzing of mosquitos feasting on my blood-gorged fingertips hanging over the side of my bed filled the air.

My favorite moment of the night came when I decided to make good use of my wakefulness and walk to the washroom. As I tried to ever so quietly unzip the tent door, I accidentally got a gob of canvas tent fabric caught in the zipper. "Dang!" I illegally swore. Over the next 10 minutes, I managed to open the zipper enough to army-crawl out. "Schweet!" I quietly exulted, not realizing that in working the door open I'd jammed the zipper even more snugly with folds of canvas. After relieving myself, I army-crawled back to bed, then army-crawled out again early in the morning and drove home before my compadres awoke. I'm sure they're both ticked at me, but they live in Egypt.

Later in the weekend we took a couple of family daytrips. Savannah proved herself an able ruins-explorer, scampering about the hulking mass of Ajloun castle one day and the scenic rock pile that used to be Herod's Fortress overlooking the Dead Sea the next. Halen tried his hand at exploring, but fell and hit his snout on a rock after four or five minutes. Back in daddy's backpack he went.

Do take a periodic gander at our family photo website, which we update whenever we do something that warrants a photo or two. It's located at picasaweb.google.com/jnleavitt. It's a good way to get a few photos beyond what we post in our blogs and see the kiddies grow. I'll post the link in the left-hand column of this here blog as well. Domo eregato, Mr. Roboto.

The weather is worth a mention, as long as we're feeling chatty. Last night as I drove home the second counselor after our presidency meeting (I love poorly constructed sentences that make it sound like I drove the second counselor -- that mental picture would be funny to a 12 year-old, and it's funny to me, so back off), lightening danced in the darkened western sky. I sped up, wanting to beat the fall's first rainstorm. We've been told the season's first rain mixes with the melted rubber and oil that's been building up on the roads since the last time it rained back in May or April to create an ice-like driving surface.

Well, rain it did. And drive in it I did. And die I did not. But dirty my car got. Me Dick. You Jane. Banana?