Wakka Wakka Wakka

I remember when I used to be in school and I got summers off. And lots of vacations too, like Christmas break and spring break and the break that you take when you're tired of going to school all the time, and that other break where you forgot to wake up. That was really fun when you got breaks.

I've been part of the "real world" for several years now. It's alright. I mean, I can vote and stuff. And it's pretty cool getting a paycheck, even if people named "Medicare" and "Social Security" and "Virginia State Taxes" take a lot of my money before I even see it. And I like how people now suddenly respect my opinions because I'm an "adult," even though I generally have a lot of the same opinions I had when I was 17, but for some reason, they were stupid then but they're okay now.

But what's pretty lame about the "real world" is that there are really no good vacations, like summer break. Some guy, probably "the leader of the free world" or whatever, figures that the federal government must function all summer long (except for elected officials, who get the last half of July and most of August off, which I guess is okay because they work really hard for the rest of the year, putting in three hour days, two or three days a week, if they want).

But now, after several months of balancing various responsibilities at a frenzied pace, I'm taking my measely vacation days, Uncle Sam. I'm going to Idaho.

Most of my Jordanian colleagues haven't heard of Idaho.

Them: What is Idaho?
Me: It's a state.
Them: Where?
Me: It's by Wyoming and Montana and Oregon and Utah.
Them:....... iiiiiis that by Chicago?
Me: Probably.

But it's good that the rest of the world doesn't know where Idaho is. It cuts down on the number of Japanese tourists taking pictures of its sprinklers and Wal-Marts, and it adds to the number of stars you can see. Like, not stars like Gary Coleman and Jane Goodall, but stars like B-43R-P2 and Alpha Romero and Orion's Soup Ladle. Although I'm pretty sure I once saw Toby Keith in Idaho, but it's tough to say because I'm not really sure what Toby Keith looks like. He's a famous dentist, right?