In Loving Memory of March

Oh dear. March went loping by and I didn't even give it a head-nod or a chest-bump or a gangsta hand-slap or some other hyphenated "body part-verb" combination. For shame, Abu Halen.

In loving memory of March, let's relive our favorite March memories. Readers, please join me in commenting and reminiscing on your fondest recollections of your wintery-springish March exploits, if you will. And you will.

For my part, my favorite March memory was when we took our kids skiing. It wasn't their first time; that was in February. But this post isn't about February, is it? So back off, February, with your pretentious spelling that no one pronounces right. You think you're so cool, all "Feb-roo-ary" and stuff. But I can see your underpants when you bend over to tie your shoes, you freaking sissy.

That was kind of an unnecessary dressing down of an actually quite decent month. My bad.

So we took our kids skiing at a little place in Idaho called Pebble Creek. It would be an overstatement to call Pebble Creek Sun Valley's red-headed stepchild. Maybe something more accurate would be to say that Pebble Creek is Sun Valley's red-headed stepchild's pet caterpillar's carcass that mom found in the bottom of the pear jar two weeks after the stepchild put the caterpillar in the jar but forgot to poke holes in the lid. But for a few hours of teaching little kids how to ski, Pebble Creek fit the bill just fine.

Savannah did quite well. She figured out quick how to make an A with her skis and how to go faster by making the A taller and skinnier and how to go slower by making the A shorter and fatter. Halen didn't catch on quite as fast. He's only four, so we didn't push him. But he loved swooshing down the hill between mommy's legs so long as he didn't have do anything himself. Grace is only two, so we left her with her little cousins at home. I think they might have blown something up. That's what cousins do when they get together.

The only other cool thing that happened in March was when my mom bought a new DVD for the kids. She also bought Halen a sweet-action Spiderman watch -- it was Halen's first watch and he was so excited to have it. When we pulled out the movie to watch it, Halen was just as excited as the girls until we told them the movie's title: "The Princess and the Frog." Halen's anticipatory countenance fell. Then he looked hard at his new watch and declared in a firm voice, "My watch says we don't have time to watch that movie."

Well, his watch was WRONG, sucka! We DID have time to watch the movie! And we took his watch back to the store because it gives the WRONG TIME! Cheap piece of garbage! Anyhow, once we broke out the popcorn and apple juice, Halen brightened right up. And we all liked the girly movie.

So there's my head-knod/chest-bump/gangsta hand-slap for you, March. Don't say I never gave you anything.