Latchkey Kids Love Captain EO

This is my baby. Coo.
Sometimes I think maybe I should change my blog's aesthetic scheme. Maybe have things in the margins like books or burping babies or pollywogs, and maybe also have ads in the margins, for stuff like Scentsy candles or midwives' unions or Jazzercise classes. Kind of bring my blog  in line with what's cool, you know?

I remember when I fashioned my blog's look. It was 2006. It was a different time. I painted my blog with earth tones because earth tones were in. Sort of. Well, they were more in than they are now. In truth, they weren't really in then or now. Well, to be honest, I don't really know what's in and what's not. But this I do know: Germans love David Hasselhoff, and black widows eat their own children's fathers.

If you think about it, the world was a different place in 2006. Michael Jackson was still alive, and everyone hated him. You couldn't admit that you liked Michael Jackson without getting hauled into the police station for questioning. But then he died and suddenly everyone was crying and gushing about how much they loved him and his cute, slightly upturned nose and how they've seen Captain EO several glorious times and how the only reason they ever played Double Dragon in the arcade was when middle school latchkey kids were hogging the Moonwalker game instead of drinking Sunny D at home and watching Nickelodeon until mom got home from work like they were supposed to.

But I think I'll just leave my blog like it is. Plain and orange and khaki. Like the fake-baked girls from high school wearing khaki dresses to the winter formal dance.