Me and Vegas

Let us be clear about something. Whenever a blog post on Abu Halen is about parenting or hard work or feelings or food, Shannon is the author. Whenever a blog post on Abu Halen is about anything unimportant, trivial, trite, or sounds downright made up, it's by me. Impeccable grammar and sentence structure? Shannon. Run-on sentences that somehow manage to lack not only a subject and a verb, but also an object? Me. Insightful prose that makes you consider the broad span of life and the questions that frame it and make it meaningful? Shannon. Ruminations on hair metal bands, Voltron, and useless stories of a misused adolescence? Me.

I am so excited for March Madness, BTW. I have a bracket. It is sleek and unimaginative. I used to be imaginative with my brackets, but ever since I got burned picking Chattanooga State to make an improbable run to the title game, I play the Vegas lines. But that's the only association I ever have with Vegas. Well, except that both me and Vegas illuminate the night sky with radiance.