Rudolph's "Friends"

Here's a chipmunk, pondering on the sometimes fickle nature of adolescent friendships. That's seriously exactly what he's doing. You'd know it too if you were a biology expert like I am.
Yesterday evening Halen came downstairs complaining that Savannah was singing “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” all wrong. “She’s singing, ‘Then all the reindeer loved him’!” he marveled, shaking his head.

“But those are the words to the song, Halen,” Abu Halen said.

“No,” Halen insisted, “That doesn’t make any sense. It’s ‘Then all the reindeer left him’!”

So it appears that in Halen’s version of the story, Rudolph’s reindeer colleagues indeed snubbed him in the beginning of the song, but when Santa recognized Rudolph’s value, the reindeer's jealous peers turned their backs on him as they sang tauntingly, “You’ll go down in history!”

Halen’s perception of the story’s ending is only slightly different than mine. In both cases, I think those snobby reindeer were not to be trusted—seriously, these guys suddenly decide they like Rudolph just because Santa starts paying attention to him? It’s like a high school popularity contest. If I were Rudolph, I’d be a little suspicious if all my new “friends” suddenly started inviting me to their little reindeer games.