The Baby is Darling But the Blog is Not

Abu Halen is not the longest-running blog on the internet, but it could very well be the most consistently ugly blog on the internet. I set it up back when the only layout options available were colors -- you could have one background color, a different color for the title banner, and a third color for what I like to call "the subtitle banner," or, alternately, "the banner beneath the title banner where you shouldn't write subtitles like 'A Blog Cataloging My Innermost and Most Intimate Hopes, Aspirations, Fears, and Food Allergies' or 'The Unabridged Ramblings of a Troubled Youth, a.k.a. FBI, Please Send a SWAT Team Because I'm Listening to A Lot of Tool and I'm Thinking About Breaking Into a Redbox Kiosk to Take a Copy of the Adventures of Tin Tin Without Paying For It.'" I chose as my layout the colors baby poo brown, pus brown, and the brown-like-the-egg-shells-from-one-of-those-off-colored-eggs-laid-by-a-terminally-ill-hen. I like brown.

Obviously, in the past five years, a lot of new and "less butt ugly" blog layouts have become available. But I kind of grew attached to my color scheme. But now that Shannon is bringing some respectability to the blog, I kind of feel like I should update the scheme to something a tad more cosmopolitan. Something modern. I don't know. Can you persuade me one way or the other? I have a hard time thinking for myself.