Image courtesy of Ramona Murdock

Disclaimer: this blog post is blatantly Christian themed. If you don't care to read it, fine. But it's a free blogosphere (and I'm a paying contributor to this blog), so I'm playing through!

We started talking about resurrection after we finished reading scriptures this evening. “I like this life. I don’t want to die,” Halen said. “I don’t want you to die either. And you have even less life left than I do.”

“I know,” I smiled. “Nobody wants to die. But Heavenly Father promised that after this life, we have an even better life with him in heaven.”

Gazing at me more earnestly, Halen asked, “But what if Jesus is just a fairy tale? . . . Is he just a fairy tale?”

It’s funny how a simple conversation can so quickly get to the meat of existence. “That’s a good question. I love my family and this world so much that sometimes I fear Jesus is a fairytale too. It’s an easy fear because it’s the worst possibility we can imagine. I choose to have hope for the best instead. You will also have to choose fear or faith.”

Image courtesy of  Ramona Murdock
This morning I watched a swallowtail butterfly gliding over a field of spent wildflowers. So thin and delicate were its wings that when they flattened into soaring position, the butterfly seemed occasionally to blink out of existence. When its wings again blinked open, the butterfly’s flight was precarious, like a child struggling to balance a bicycle.

A butterfly is like our own lives. For its loveliness we wish to cling to it, but for its delicacy we cannot. If this sweet creature must perish, it seems to me that the best we can hope for is that we will see it again one day.