Where We're Moving (or "Stamping Out the Electric Slide, One Nation at a Time")

When people find out we're moving to Saudi Arabia in a few weeks, they ask how I feel about that. I say I'm pretty excited. And they say why. And I say because I love that cool sword dance they do, and also because they hate bacon. The way I see it, the more people in this world who hate bacon, the more bacon is left for me. And the more people in this world who do that cool sword dance, the fewer people there are who do the Electric Slide.

Just a little morning dew I snapped a couple months ago.
Then, after I tell them how excited I am, they ask how my wife feels about moving to Saudi Arabia. The truth is, Shannon is fearless and tenacious. And kinda cute. She can't be intimidated by long airplane rides, gridlocked traffic, or baby grizzly bears. But let's not get too hyperbolic: she gets a little panicky around fully-grown dingos. And kittens with rabies.

So we look forward to having you visit us in sunny Saudi Arabia. Bring your water wings!