Pathetic Adults

This is no pathetic camel. This stinker sweats for his chow all day long.

At the dinner table this afternoon, I explained to the kids that one of the reasons we’re teaching them how to work for their spending money is that we don’t want them to become pathetic adults. Then the kids, of course, wanted to know what a pathetic adult is.

Because this conversation was never going to reach ears outside our kitchen, I explained that a pathetic adult is someone whose parents give them too much money, so they don’t have to figure out how to earn their own money. Instead, they just sit in the basement all day and play video games because they think working an actual job is too hard.

“So, pathetic means you get to play video games all the time?” Halen asked.

Abu Halen intervened here, explaining that yeah, you get to play video games all day long, but you don’t get a family, because girls are not attracted to guys who do nothing but play video games all day long, so pathetic guys have a hard time finding someone willing to marry them.

“. . . But can’t the pathetic guys just marry pathetic girls?” He asked.

“And what—have pathetic babies and pathetic children?”

Halen nodded.

And what could we say? The kid had a point.