Story Connections

A couple of evenings ago I read the kids a story from The Friend about a little girl who decided to donate her favorite doll to a relief effort for families displaced by a wildfire. As I do at the end of these stories, I asked the kids if they could think of a connection between the story and their own lives.

Savannah mentioned how hard it was to give up one of her coats that winter in Jordan when it snowed really hard and we had gathered some supplies to take to the Gypsies who lived in tents near our home.

“Good connection,” I said to Savannah. “Grace, can you think of connection to your life?”

Grace thought for a moment and then recounted that once her friend who was “really, really rich,” had some stick-on earrings that Grace liked. “And when I told her that I was poor, she just . . . gave me the earrings!”

Grace is my very own street urchin.