What's Behind Door Number 1--wait for iiiit . . . wait for iiiit!

Just before we turned out the lights last night, Abu Halen's inbox lit up with the email hehad been waiting for. It was the message that would reveal our future, prognosticating, two years in advance, where we will move in 2015. For two people who have spent so much of their married life flying by the seat of our pants, two years’ lead time on a new post is more than a little amazing.

When Abu Halen asked whether I wanted to wait until the morning to open it, I shook my head at his silly question. No way, Jose.

Scrolling down the email message to the punch line, I marveled at how much this moment felt as though we were opening a mission call. And when we saw the destination, we were no less thrilled than we had been as young adults on the brink of a dramatic life change. It was just what we had hoped for: our number one pick! And thank heavens we have two years to prepare--we're going to need it! 

Stay tuned to find out the exciting conclusion to this story. . . .