Double-Duty PJs

Occasionally I realize that Halen has been wearing the same outfit for days. I was commenting on exactly that this evening when I realized that he was also wearing pajamas beneath his shorts. So after the oft-heard question “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?” I followed up (in rapid-fire succession, because that’s just the kind of mom I am) with another question: “Have you been wearing your pajamas all day?”

“In the first place, they’re not pajamas,” he explained. “They’re exercising underwear.”

“Really? And all this time, (including when I bought them for you), I thought they were pajamas!”

“Nope. I can wear them under my soccer clothes all day long. And then, when it’s time for bed, I just take off my shorts, and boom, I’m in my pajamas!”

“Huh. Brilliant. But don’t ever do that again.”