Ode to Rainy Season (or, "A Refuge For Rock Stars")

I have pined for rainy season for these final couple months of dry season, because dry season is dry and dusty and dumb, and it kills rock stars like David Bowie and Prince. All I'm saying is they were alive when dry season started and now they're dead. You do the math. 

"Hold on! It's rainy season!!"

Apparently dry season in El Salvador is caused when trade winds kick up, pushing in air from the Caribbean, which drops its precipitation over Honduras and arrives dry in El Salvador. The trade winds fail by late-April, which allows warm, wet air over the Pacific to push inland each day via onshore breezes, which create frequent and heavy afternoon thunderstorms. There. Now you can't say Abu Halen never taught you anything. Abu Halen actually knows a lot of things, he's just not a rub-it-in-your-face sort of guy, unless we're talking about cream cheese, then he's a rub-it-in-your-face sort of guy.

So dry season has been upon us since late-November. It's quite startling how dry season starts: it just starts being clear every single day and stops raining. And it's equally startling how rainy season starts: at precisely midnight on April 25, the sky opened up and rain rushed down in a roar, the first rain we've seen since November. I guess it probably doesn't do that every year on April 25. But out of, what, 5,000-10,000 years that humans have been in the area we now call El Salvador, I've lived here for 1 year so I think I'm reasonably qualified to draw sweeping conclusions about weather patterns.

The great thing about rainy season is the clouds. They're beautiful and shifty -- like the eyes of a doe that is about to be mauled by a bear. And in this poor analogy, the bear is A THUNDERSTORM! They're massive and booming and develop most days during rainy season, and I heart them. Also, I heart running in the rain, both because it's fun and it's safe. Would-be muggers are afraid of rain, that's a fact. Maybe. Probably not.

So, in short, Abu Halen is just really stoked that it's rainy season. Because Abu Halen wants Ozzy Osbourne to LIVE!!